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The other day, an acquaintance asked me, "Will I take my University Exam? Will I have the time to do all of the study that it requires?"

I've been to all of the Universities I can think of and I cannot recall ever seeing a requirement for taking a University Exam before admission. You either went there because you wanted to or because you needed to go.

Now, some schools like Harvard and Yale require extra study before you get in. These schools realize that if you do not take the time to study, you may be at a disadvantage over the competition when the time comes to get into the University. And I do mean need.

Yes, extra study is required. But this extra study doesn't usually take up your entire summer.

I will take your test; I do not need an additional study period to learn more. It is amazing how much I need to study; I need to study about five times as much as a typical student.

Even so, an additional study period seems to cause students to slack off. But once again, it really does not take up too much time.

I will take your test, I can sit down with a friend and study. It's not difficult to find someone to take your test for you.

The difficulty lies in getting one on one coaching with the person who knows all of the tricks to score well on University Exams. For that, you will need friends and relatives who know where to find people who can help you.

Do not pay any extra money for this help. Ask around and see if anyone knows of someone who works as a tutor or an independent study tutor.

While it might cost you a few dollars per session, it will not cost you any extra money. And with the sessions lasting an hour or two, the savings are very well worth it.

Remember, you did not pay to be an expert; you paid to be a smart person, and you should be able to use your own study techniques to come out on top. If you want to be a smart person, you can be.

The trick is to spend time being good at what you do, and if you study techniques that others have used to become better, you will improve your study skills faster than you ever imagined. Just make sure that your friends and relatives are not trying to sell you things; they are merely offering to give you their advice.

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