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Why is it so hard to get hold of good information when trying to make my exam current affairs PDF files work for me? I often see my lecturers telling students that they need to use PDF because it will help them pass their exams, when I can plainly tell them that they cannot do this.

I asked some of my lecturer's why my current affairs PDF files were not working in my exams, and they said that I needed to have a greater understanding of current affairs. Well, I then ask them why I had to study something that was not part of my syllabus. They told me that the information in my current affairs PDF file could affect my performance.

This got me thinking that there must be something wrong with the information that was coming from my teachers that actually did not include current affairs in their syllabus. So I began to research more about the subjects that were covered in the syllabus, and I was surprised to discover that I already knew all of the information in those sections.

I am lucky that I can always find material on current affairs, but my professors still expect me to work hard, therefore making the material relevant for the subjects that I study. My syllabus is not the problem, it is the way I have been taught in my class.

I do not think it is fair that students are expected to do what is not required to pass their exams. If we want to make sure that students are aware of things that are not part of their syllabus, then why not give them the information that they need?

Lecturers know that they do not want students taking shortcuts, and they have to continue to teach all subjects and to include current affairs as part of the syllabus. Why not teach current affairs in the syllabus?

Current affairs has been used for many years as a reference guide in both our local and international markets. Students can therefore use current affairs as a tool to help them understand other countries, cultures and countries that they would otherwise never have known.

It is really frustrating to think that you cannot use current affairs as a guide to help you with your exam paper. If you do not use current affairs to make your exam paper as successful as possible, then you will only frustrate yourself and your teachers.

At the same time, lecturers would want you to pass your exam, which means that you have to prove that you know the subject in question before the class. It is therefore clear that current affairs is extremely useful in this regard.

To help you make your exam paper as successful as possible, you should spend some time looking at how current affairs relate to your syllabus. You will be able to learn much more than you could ever think of, and this will benefit you in a lot of ways.

I also have a theory about why current affairs is such a valuable part of the syllabus in exams: students like to believe that they are better students than other students. When they come across examples of current affairs that show how students can be bad, they feel as if they are not good enough.

By teaching current affairs in the syllabus, the students will become better students and realise that this is indeed the case. This will help you make your exam paper as successful as possible.

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