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Can I get my GCSE paper back? Is it really worth a try?

If you have received an exam paper from your school, college or university this may seem like the most logical thing to do. With so many reports of exams being lost, stolen or even illegible it seems a good idea to try and get the original and avoid paying out large amounts of money in compensation. The problem is that it doesn't always work.

Usually if the examination paper is genuine, it will be returned within a couple of weeks of being sent out. But if it is not returned as soon as it has been received you will need to consider other options. If the paper is lost in transit and the receiver cannot contact the original sender in time then it could still be received by someone else.

It would be almost impossible to get your exam paper back before it is passed on but you could get your money back or receive a partial refund. The only real risk here is that if you are offering to pay for the examination in full to get it back.

There are several advantages to making a claim for the examination paper if you are still unable to get it returned. There is also a way that you can contact the school or college and attempt to get it returned but a course of action may be more effective if you also take the time to find out how to get your examination back.

Many people have been unlucky enough to lose the examination papers or even find them in the post after receiving them for the exam. Some have been able to contact the other institution to have it returned and others have lost it in transit.

As the research shows that just over 40% of examination papers are returned after they have been sent out to the students, it makes it clear that it is not very common for people to lose their examination papers. However, if you are thinking about taking this course of action it is advisable to make sure you have the proper approach and a professional support team ready.

As the research shows that many students have already lost examination papers, there are other options available to get them back. There are several scams around and it is a good idea to be aware of the many types of scams out there.

There are online scams that exist solely to attract the unsuspecting and you need to be aware of scams before falling for one. There are also scams that surround those who are prepared to make a claim for exam papers.

Before making a claim for exam papers you need to contact the institution first and see if they are prepared to make a claim for the exam papers. It is worth checking and making sure that there is a method of claiming for the exam papers.

Scam type businesses are always around looking to take advantage of the situation and can be a real concern. Of course the best solution to avoid these scams is to take the time to seek out education that can help you choose the right choice of course or agency.

Before you pay anyone for the examination paper or enter into any type of agreement you need to do your research and try to find someone who can help you. There are some really good courses out there to help you get your exam papers back.

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